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Font Awesome is always getting a little awesome-er. So here's what's new in the latest version, Font Awesome {{ site.fontawesome.minor_version }}. Have some ideas for new features? Help contribute.

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Requested by the active community on the Font Awesome GitHub project.

SCSS Support

A long term solution is now in place for SCSS support. Need SASS? Try sass-convert.

Better & Simpler License

SIL OFL 1.1 for font, MIT license for code. No more attribution required, but much appreciated.

Pixel Perfection at 14px

Version 3 was re-created from the ground up to be razor sharp at Bootstrap's default 14px.

Font Subsetting

Thanks to @grantgordon and @johnsmclay, you can subset to get just the icons you need.

Want More Details?

Check out the CHANGELOG on the GitHub project to see what's new and changed.